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Submission Guidelines

Here is where you will find helpful information on how to submit your fanfiction, fanart, or link.

Fanfiction/Poetry Guidelines:
Title - The title(s) of the story. If it is part of a series, feel free to make note of this as well.
Author - Your name, or chosen alias, if you have another 'handle' you go by on-line. If you would prefer to stay anonymous, just omit this information.
E-Mail - Your current e-mail address, where readers can send feedback regarding the story. May be omitted if you do not want to publicise your address.

Category - Which of our categories of fan fiction your story falls under. To recap, the categories are:

Altered Destinies - alternate universe tales; what-might-have-beens.

Beyond The New Republic - stories set after the Expanded Universe timeline or during the Young Jedi Knights books.

Bounty Hunters And Other Scum - anything to do with bounty hunters, smugglers, criminals, and other undesirables.

Crossovers - stories combining characters or settings from any established franchise with the Star Wars universe.

The Galactic Empire - anything featuring Imperials in a leading role.

The Old Republic - anything set before the original Trilogy, whether based on Prequels or the Tales of the Jedi comics.

Ongoing - multi-part stories that you intend to finish in gradual installments.

The New Republic - stories taking place after the end of Return of the Jedi and in the Expanded Universe/New Jedi Order settings.

The Rebellion - anything taking place during the original Trilogy or set in the early days of the Rebellion.

Summary - A short 'teaser' giving readers some idea of what your story is about and who it involves.
Website - Your homepage, if you want your readers to be able to access your other works or find out more about you.
Rating - Important only if your story contains any material that might be offensive to some -- anything that might seem off-color in comparison to the original movies, such as gratuitious, sadistic violence, explicit swearing or sexual references should be denoted either by a PG-13 or an R rating (This site does not accept any NC-17 rated fics), depending on severity. Headers may be put in the body of the e-mail your submission is attached to, or in the file itself. If you wish to include other things, such as a dedication, acknowledgements, etc. please inform me in your e-mail.

The Fanfiction Guideline information was supplanted by Jedi Journals( respectively.

Fanart Guidelines:
Format: The image must be in either .gif or .jpg format!
Rating: No material considered to be pornographic
Other: Your artwork must be Obi/Ami related!

-Give me your e-mail so I can post it next to your artwork and tell me if you have a site (include site URL in e-mail)
- Tell me what alias you want your art to be posted under

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