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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where I try to answer the questions I've received concerning this site

"What does FAQ mean?"
FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

"What is this site's name?"
Believe it or not, I get that question a LOT! This site is called An Alternate Universe.

"Can I send you my fanart/fanfiction?"
Yes you can! As long as it's Obi/Ami related and isn't above an R rating. You can find the Fanfic and Fanart Submission Guidelines on the 'About Me' page.

"Why is there a broken link/image on one of your pages?!"
ACK! If you find any broken links and/or images on any of the pages on this site, report them to me and I will fix it immediately! I don't really have the time to sort through EVERY single page on this site and check for errors, that would take forever!

"Why don't you update daily anymore?"
I know, I know, I used to update so much that it was almost to the point of annoying. But anyway, as soon as school started I had decided that I would concentrate on my studies and that comes first now. I apologize if I don't update for a while, I don't mean to be rude. But I do hope you enjoy the updates when they come!

"How old are you?"
I don't really like to give out my age on the internet but as you have probably read in my bio, I am a teenager, that is all I am going to say...for now.

"How can I contact you?"
You can find my e-mail address and other ways to contact me on the 'About Me' page! But for quick reference, my e-mail address is:

"Can I link to your site?"
You sure can! By doing so, you are helping to spread the word of An Alternate Universe. You can find the banner to link to me in the 'Links' section. Also if you want to you could e-mail me saying that you have added my site to your links page! Note: Please link to "", I worked hard on that splash image!

"How can I become an affiliate of this site?"
First of all, before you apply to become an affiliate, you must sign the guestbook (Okay, so it's not required, but it would be nice!) Also, I will not be affiliated with any site that contains pornography or bashing of any Star Wars couple. Here are other requirements for becoming an affiliate of this site:

- Your site must have a 468x60 size banner
- Your site must be complete
- You must update at least once a week

"What do I do now that you have informed me in an e-mail that I've become an affiliate?"

- Choose a banner from the 'Links' page and post it on your site
- Provide a link back to the enter page ( of this site with that banner
- Inform everyone, with much enthusiasm, in your next update that you are now an affiliate of An Alternate Universe!
- Also, tell me when you have big updates/important news so I can tell people to go to your site!

"Why did this site disappear for almost a year?"
After switched servers and I couldn't find my site, I really didn't have the energy (or time) to rebuild this archive like I had done once before. As you can probably guess, it took me a while to get my 'inspiration' back to start work again so I do apologize for the extended absence.

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