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This is where I store articles I found on the internet (or were sent in) concerning Obi-wan and Amidala
Note: I did not write these articles.

Episode III Musings:
Has George told you anything about what to expect in Episode III?
"No, not really. I know that it'll end in a big fight between me and Hayden which will be fantastic, because Hayden also put a lot of work in the fighting stuff and is very good at it. So there'll be a big kick-off fight, I can imagine, when Hayden becomes Darth Vader. In terms of what leads us up to that, I don't really know. I was always hoping that it would be some kind of love triangle, fighting over Natalie, but I don't know if that's the case, because Obi-Wan doesn't have a look-in in Episode II."
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"...It turns out that in the early drafts of Episode I, there was to be a little crush of some sort...maybe even a two-sided crush. Well, I don't want to spoil it too much for you, so just read the graphic. It came from an official CD-ROM (Insider's Guide to Star Wars: Episode I), so you know this ain't just a rumor. There still may be hope for us shippers!"
Found in 'The Cutting Room Floor' at
Thanks to Naomi for this article

Days of Naze:
Crazy little thing called love. "Episodes IV through VI are fueled by the tensions generated by the Han/Leia romance and by the scoundrel versus earnest pupil. What we need here is a little sexual tension. But let's face it: the whole Anakin/Amidala thing is way too weird to even think about for their ages. Which leaves us with our protagonist, Obi Wan, and an appropriate love interest. An Obi Wan/Amidala frisson has interesting implications. A little banter, a little repartee, a little flirtation. That's all I'm talking about. Just enough to get Obi Wan a little hot and bothered. In later episodes when Anakin becomes Kenobi's padawan and later mates with Amidala you've got a mild jealousy factor to fan the flames of conflict..."
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