Title: Waterfall
Author: Kathy
Author's Note: A quicky. <g> Thanks to Jenn for listening to it. Hope you all enjoy it!!
Pairing: Obi/Padme
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: George owns. Kathy does not. George, can I rent the young Jedi Obi-Wan for a few years? <wg>

The waterfall showers were so relaxing, and Padme was looking forward
to simply letting go of a little stress. She moved slowly, her legs
sore, her neck hurt. The moonlight shown out over the palace
facade. Looking at the scene before her eyes, she never would have
believe there had been an invasion ten standard years previous. The
Palace of Theed was a sight to behold, to all. She was glad to be
home, as much as she enjoyed Coruscant, she missed her world too.
She just wished that bodyguards were not necessary everywhere she
strode. Padme was all to happy to get out for awhile, by herself.
Although Obi-Wan Kenobi, her Jedi protector this trip back to Naboo,
was not as bad as the others. She rather enjoyed his company, even
if she did have to keep her guard up at all times around him. It
would help if his voice wasn't so deep, his eyes weren't so blue, his
beard so thick...

"Padme, back to reality," she silently childed herself. Smiling, a
Senator from the small planet Naboo and a Jedi Master. She giggled
at herself, girlhood fantasies.

The lady of Naboo was now simply looking forward to standing in the
cool, blue waters of the waterfall.

Set off behind the palace, the waterfalls were relaxing, peaceful and
serene. Beautiful flowers grew around it, and in the daytime their
fragrance flowed over the delicate winds, and could overwhelm your
senses. However, in the evening, it was intoxicating. When the
moonlight shown on the grove, the dark blue and silver roses bloomed,
perfect for an exotic night, and the place became a place right out
of a fantasy.

She began to strip off her dress and stepped down the stone stairs.
No one would be up at this time of the evening, and she was sure she
would have the entire area to herself. She kicked off her slippers,
and slowly wandered down the remain few stairs, feeling the hard
masonry underneath the pads of her feet.

Round the last high gray stone wall to the waterfalls, she listened
to the soothing sounds of the water slapping against rock. She was
already beginning to relax. She dropped her dress and slippers on
the marble slab at the bottom of the stairs, and began to unhook her
slips. A sound alerted her that she might not be alone, the hairs on
the back of neck stood up. She heard a low moan, and slowly walked
to the opening to the main falls. As she peered around, the sounds
of cascading water became louder. A silver night rose hung above her
head, and the intoxicating smell drifted across her nose. She
squinted in the silvery moonlight, trying to see if anyone was

Padme was about to call out, when a figure moved slowly through the
entrance across the grove of waterfalls. The figure was a male, she
was certain, and apparently... disrobed. A blush crept up her chest
to cheeks, she turned to leave and gather her things, when a low moan
escaped the mouth of the man now stepping under the water. She
blinked, now turning her back to the scene, and smiled. One little
peak wouldn't hurt, she reconsidered. She turned, and crept into the
shadows to get a closer look.

The man was just now getting under the flow of the water. His back
was to her, the crystal clear waters flowed over his muscular back,
and down to his rear. He put his hand out to steady himself on the
stone wall in front of him. She blinked, this man was a god. The
muscles stretched and moved under his skin, his shoulders broad, he
had the stance of a warrior. He just stood there letting the water
slide over his back, down, down his thighs, his calves. Padme
unconsciously licked her lips.

She moved to get closer, dying to know which of her citizens it was.
She moved stealthily, quietly so as not to draw his attention. Padme
had a quick flash come to her that she really shouldn't be doing
this. But she couldn't leave, and so she moved behind a tall statue,
and watched this figure quietly moaning, mesmerized. Who was this?
She had to know, but he still had not turned around.

The man now ran his hands down the front of his chest, and rested his
left hand on his hip. She watched the steady rhythm of his breath,
his shoulder trying to work out the kinks. He turned his face up to
the falling water, it cascaded off him. He shook his head quickly,
blue-silver water droplets flying all around his body. He wiped the
water from his face.

Padme nearly fell over, the gods were teasing her. What did she ever
do to them?

The man slowly turned around, and Padme's jaw fell to the ground. It
was Obi-Wan.

Oh, it certainly was the Jedi Master. She could not believe what she
was seeing. She blinked, and watched him pull his shoulders up as he
arched his back, his eyes closed. The Jedi was beyond words, he was
beautiful. The Jedi was everything she imagined him to be, and
casting a glance lower, and apparently a bit more than she had
imagined. The Jedi...

She stopped in mid-thought.

The JEDI. Jedi, as in Force user, as in can sense a ladybug at 30
parsects, as in would sense her at any moment!! She slid down off
the statue, walking quietly. She knew the Jedi weren't always
looking for others around them, and obviously he had not sensed her,
or he would not have stepped down here to begin with. She also knew
however after speaking with Adi Gallia at great length about the
Force and the abilities it granted, that Jedi could pick up on
nervousness near them. She quickened her pace. Where had she left
her clothes?

Sometimes, she wondered where her mind was. 'Idiot.' She got back
to her dress, the warm night air, now much warmer. 'Please my
goddess, please let me get up stairs and I promise I will *never* do
something this idiotic ever again.' Prayer said, she picked up her
slippers, and turned to leave. As she took her first step, the fates
seemed to be smiling on her. However on the second step, her left
slipper slipped from her grasp and fell down the two steps. As if to
make its point that she should not spy on people, it bounced, rather
loudly on the stones in the mediation garden. With each noise, she
screwed up her face, and squeezed her eyes shut, her shoulder pulled
tightly up to her head. 'Damn.' She slowly opened her eyes, hoping
beyond hope that the water was obscuring his hearing. Padme mused to
herself quickly, she could always run for it, then hope that the
speed that Jedi were rumored to have was also a legend.

Padme turned and glanced about for the offending slipper. She
stepped back down, and walked to the stones. She picked it up, and
rolled her eyes as three of the more larger stones fell out onto the
ground with three separate clacks. 'You all hate me, don't you?'
she asked to gods. She was also formulating a good excuse, in her
head to tell him. 'Oh yes, I was out for a walk and heard splashing,
went to see if I could be of assistance.' Nope, Jedi know when you
lie. 'So sorry, was coming to take a relaxing evening soak in the
falls, and saw you naked in the waters, thought you were a bird.'
Right. Maybe she could just go for light conversation. 'Are all
Jedi's lightsabers that big?' She braved a quick glance to see if
there was now a half dressed, and wet Jedi hot-tailing it over to her
location, bearing his lightsaber in his wet hand, wet cloth sticking
to his lovely wet skin. 'I am insane?' In her current predicament,
she was still imaging his half naked and wet body running towards
her. She need to get herself out of here. She probably should her
head examined in the morning, must be the stress. She looked over,
at the same time turning to run up the stairs. She stopped dead,
there was no one there. She looked, and could still see a small
pile of clothes near the falls on the far side. She quickly scanned
the entire grove. Nothing, she was beginning to panic.

Padme crept out to the grove again, and looked around the corner.
She has only turned her back for thirty seconds... She moved quietly
across the grove, to the pile of clothes laying on the slab. Jedi
tunics, and a sash. His slash. His belt curled up in top, his boots
underneath the blue marble slab. His leggings and his lightsaber
mysteriously missing from the pile in front of her. She looked
again, and decided she really needed to get out of here, fast. Her
senses were on full alert, but yet she heard nothing. The thoughts
flashed through her head, 'where is he?' She started backing up,
towards the stairs she had come down earlier.

She heard a noise behind her, echoing down the stone passageway to
the grove. Water dripping on the stones, quietly behind her. She
could smell something... wet... she closed her eyes. She could feel
that there was a presence behind her.

"Padme." a deep voice floated over to her, a small droplet of water
hit her shoulder, a hot breath swirling across her exposed neck.

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