Title: Under the Stars
Author: anime fan
Disclaimers: all characters belong to the GREAT GEORGE LUCAS!
Notes: this story takes place in Queen Amidala's palace 6 years after The Phantom Menace....also this is my first fanfic so please be gentle on the reviews ^_^

It has been six years since his master's death and yet Obi-wan still has nightmares about Qui-Gon's last battle. Unable to sleep, he decided to take a walk in the palace gardens to keep his mind off of the disturbing dreams. Obi-wan sat near a fountain, staring at the pitch black sky, asking aloud in a small, sad whisper, "Why did you have to die?" He still looked up at the sky as if waiting for an answer. He then felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and knew that it was Queen Amidala, who had comforted him ever since the tragic event. She sat down next to the Jedi Knight and looked up at the stars with him. Amidala then leaned her head on his shoulder and held his hand, knowing the reason why he was up at this hour. He then looked down at the young Queen and revealed a small smile, thanking God that she has been there for him, for if he refused her offer of letting him take residence at the palace for the time that he needed to recover from the physical and emotional wounds, he would have gone mad.

Then it finally dawned on him that he never, well verbally, thanked the Queen for her kindness. "Thank you so much your Highness, you have no idea how much you have helped me in these past few months, I would have become a mad-man without you." After hearing this Amidala turned and hugged Obi-wan as if to say "You're welcome." Then Amidala said, while still hugging him, "Obi-wan, you are one of my closest friends, please call me Amidala." He then smiled down at her and said "A,ll right your Highness." This caused Amidala to smile and playfully punch Obi-wan's shoulder while saying "What did I just tell you!!" They then looked at each other with such love in their eyes and slowly moved closer and closer until their lips met in a passionate kiss. When the kiss ended, they knew that their newfound love would never die and they turned back to the bright stars with true happiness in their hearts.

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