Author: SaraC
Spoilers: TPM
Pairing: Obi/Ami
Summary: Answer to a 'stranded' challenge

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Several hours later found the two sitting around a fire, relaxing after a fine fish dinner.

Padme, to Obi Wan's delight, had caught several large fish, providing plenty of food, as she'd promised.

And he now had the indelible image of her splashing around in the water, looking young and carefree and extremely beautiful, burned into his mind.

Her stress and worry were gone for the time, despite their situation, and he was determined to keep it that way.

He knew they would be found soon, could sense it through the Force. But until then, he was going to do his best to make sure she forgot about everything but having fun and enjoying life.

Something neither of them would be able to do when they were back on Coruscant, amid their responsibilities and scrutiny from those around them.

He sighed, realizing for the first time, he was dreading going back to his life's work as a Jedi.

But he wasn't going to think of that right now.

He was going to enjoy this time together, away from everyone and every responsibility, and make sure Padme did as well.


Padme smiled as she watched him from across the flickering flames.

For the first time since he'd arrived to protect her, he looked completely relaxed, no worry lines creasing his temples.

She knew he was still concerned for her safety, but on this deserted planet, they both really were quite safe.

She planned to keep that relaxed attitude around until they were rescued.

Besides, it provided a wonderful opportunity for them to get to know each other away from all their duties and responsibilities.

For once, she was reveling in acting like a normal woman, instead of a Senator with the future of a planet in her hands.

And she was going to act like a normal woman, who just happened to be in the company of a breathtakingly handsome and charming man.

She was going to make the most of this opportunity, starting by getting to know more about the man she'd been fascinated with for what seemed years.

"Obi Wan, what were you like as a child?" she asked, watching as a wry grimace appeared on his face.

"Well, I am sure my master would have said I was not always easy to deal with," he offered, a tinge of sadness appearing in his eyes as he mentioned Qui Gon.

Padme sighed, knowing he still missed his friend and mentor.

She did too.

But she would not let either of them think back on that depressing time while they were here.

"Really, I take that to mean you were a difficult child?" she teased, watching as he pretended to bristle at her words.

The glint of amusement in his eyes gave him away however.

"I was never allowed to be a child," he answered truthfully, watching as her eyes darkened. "From the moment Qui Gon accepted me as his Padawan, my training and lessons began. I really did not do much but study in my early years, but developed a little more freedom in the later ones," he offered, surprised at the look that appeared in her eyes.

It sent his heart racing.

"So, does that mean you have a social life?"

Padme bit her lip, wondering if she had gone too far with the question.

But she'd wanted to know, and damned if she was going to sleep tonight without finding out.

Obi-Wan smiled before replying.

"Jedi can ill afford a social life, our lifestyle is really not conducive to lasting romantic attachments," he began, hiding his smile at the flash of distress that shot through her eyes.

It sent a thrill through his body.

"But," he added, "when I do get free time I have been known to socialize at an establishment frequented by Padawans on Coruscant," he finished, hiding his amusement at her reaction.

Padme was working hard to keep her mind shielded from him, not wanting him to know what was going through her head at his words.

She kept picturing him dressed in tight fitting pants and a billowy top, no doubt drawing the attention of every woman and probably a few men, in said club with simply a smile.

She didn't like the feeling of jealousy that thought sent shooting through her blood.

She forced her mind to calm as she saw him smile, hoping he hadn't read her mind.

"Well, at least you get out, which is more than I can say for me," she muttered, turning to throw another stick of wood onto the fire as she stared pensively into the flames.

Obi-Wan picked up on the comment, his own curiosity peaked.

"So I take it Naboo's Senator does not have time to socialize with others, not even in her diplomatic duties?" he asked seriously, watching her shoulders slump as she sighed.

"Socializing with other rulers, senators and dignitaries is one thing, I've been doing it all my life, ever since childhood. But then becoming Queen so young, my childhood was gone in a flash and all time for anything unrelated to Naboo's future had passed," she offered as she picked at the grass surrounding her.

Obi-Wan waited quietly, sensing she would continue when she was ready.

"Maybe that's why I don't consider those diplomatic dinners socializing. It's work. Most of the time these are people I would not chose as personal friends, so there is not much room for more than the pleasantries," she offered.

Obi-Wan sighed, realizing in many ways, her life mirrored his.

"I know what you mean," he offered reflectively, as she turned her troubled gaze to his. "So much of my time is taken up with diplomatic missions and foreign affairs, not to mention Anakin's training, it is rare I get a night to relax, and even rarer that my friends are able to relax with me," he offered with a sigh.

Padme smiled softly at him.

"At least you have those times," she replied, turning her face back to the fire. "Sabe and I are sometimes able to steal away for a few hours, but never far and never off the grounds of my home, it is too risky. But those few moments when we can catch up, simply be friends, are moments I treasure more than I can say," she finished sadly.

The two sat silently for a few moments, reflecting on the states of their lives.

Suddenly, Obi-Wan smiled.

"I have an idea," he stated, watching as her head turned to his.

"Enlighten me then Jedi," she teased, her heart skipping a beat at the smile he sent her.

"When we get to Coruscant, when this threat to you is taken care of, let's meet at the bar whenever we get the chance, and for a few hours, forget about everything but enjoyment in our lives," he offered, seeing the spark begin to glow in her eyes.

"You really think we could do that? Get away from all our responsibilities and simply enjoy each others company for a night?" she replied wistfully.

He smiled.

"I think we are already doing that, we would just be in a different atmosphere," he whispered, smiling as the blush rose on her cheeks.

Padme fidgeted slightly, knowing he was laughing at her blush, but unable to stop the warm feeling that flooded through her at knowing he wanted to spend time with her even after they were rescued.

"Do we have a promise?"

She felt her heart race as his husky voice carried to her across the flickering flames. Turning her gaze to his, she almost lost her breath at the intensity in the blue orbs staring back at her.

"Promise," she whispered, unable to find any other words.

Obi-Wan smiled as he held out his hand.

Taking a deep breath, Padme placed her hand in his.

Both jolted again at the sensation that shot through them as their skin touched.

Obi-Wan's mouth went dry as his hold tightened on her hand, unable it seemed, to release it.

Padme was struggling to remember how to breathe as her fingers tightened in his, her eyes locked on the swirling depths of his.

Without conscious thought, Obi-Wan pulled her towards him, hazily aware that this was probably not a good idea.

But then again, as his master had always said, sometimes, it was better to follow your heart than your head.

Padme let him pull her closer, knowing that this was what she'd been hoping for since he'd strode so confidently into her office three days ago.

They continued to stare into each other's eyes as they moved closer, neither sure what to say or do, except go where the moment led them.

Obi-Wan lost himself in her eyes as his free hand moved to cup her face, unconsciously stroking the smooth silk of her cheek with his thumb.

Padme knew she had stopped breathing at the touch, as his gentle hand drew her face closer and closer to his.

For a moment, they paused, their lips nearly touching, waiting it seemed, for something again to distract them.

When the moment passed, Obi-Wan smiled.

Padme's return smile was cut off by the feel of his lips on hers.

And in that moment, everything changed.

Part 6

Padme closed her eyes as she felt his lips press gently against hers.

Sensations she'd never felt before burst over her body, a sweet, intense craving for something she wasn't sure of.

But she was finding part of that craving satisfied by the feel of his lips against hers.

Obi-Wan lost himself in the touch of her lips, the scent of her all around him completely intoxicating.

Carefully, he pressed against her mouth, probing gently as her lips opened under his.

Padme sighed as she slid her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as she tentatively reached her tongue out to tangle with his.

His low moan brought a sense of womanly satisfaction to her body.

Threading her fingers through his hair, she gently caressed the back of his neck, marveling at how smooth and warm his flesh felt beneath the tips of her fingers.

Obi-Wan knew he was fast losing all control as her soft caresses tightened his body unbearably.

But still, he could not bring himself to pull away, his hands, through no will of their own it seemed, were wandering up and down her back, stroking her as she stroked him.

The feel of her lithe body pressed against his was almost too wonderful to bear.

Padme moaned as she rubbed herself against his chest, delighting in the friction the contact stirred in her heated body.

She gasped for air as Obi-Wan suddenly pulled back, his eyes like fire as they gazed into hers.

Taking a deep breath, he tried to bring his ragged breathing under control.

It was too soon.

The time was not right.

He sighed as he tried to let the Force flow through his body, calming and soothing his heated desire until the moment was right.

For he had no doubt now that their moment was coming.

"Padme, we must stop," he managed in a whisper, his arms still locked around her waist.

Despite the fact that every nerve in her body was screaming otherwise, she knew he was right.

This passion between them was getting out of control, too soon, too fast.

But she was loath to give these wonderful feelings up just yet.

"Would you at least hold me tonight?" she asked quietly, almost insecurely, knowing only that she never wanted to leave his arms.

Obi-Wan sighed as he pulled her tightly to him, stretching them both out in front of the fire, pulling the light blanket he'd retrieved from the craft over them.

He was too weak to deny them both this simple pleasure.

"Padme,'" he began as she turned her head up to his, her arms firmly wrapped around his waist, her body spooned against his.

"What Obi-Wan?" she whispered, seeing the emotions filtering through his eyes.

"I want you to know that I do not take what happened tonight lightly," he began, seeing her eyes crinkle as she waited for him to finish. "I have feelings for you," he managed, not sure how to get the words out, but knowing they must be spoken.

"I know we have only just met again, but I can't deny that I want to know you better than any man ever has, or ever will," he whispered hoarsely, seeing she understood what he meant as he looked into her eyes.

Padme felt tears building behind her eyes as she heard the sincerity in his voice. Her heart was rejoicing at the fact that he did feel something for her, just as she did for him.

"I feel the same," she replied softly, seeing his eyes light at her whispered words. "I was always drawn to you, but I did not realize how much until you walked into my office such a short time ago," she managed as she reached a hand up to cup his cheek.

"I know this is wrong in so many ways. You are a Jedi, I am a Senator, and our lives do not allow time for romance or relationships, but I can't help myself Obi-Wan, I want you in my life. I want you," she whispered, knowing she meant every word.

It might have only been three days, but she had never been more sure of anything in her entire life.

She wanted this strong, brave Jedi more than she could ever say.

Obi-Wan felt his heart catch as he read the want and need in her gaze.

She might be young, but her feelings were true, he could sense that even if it wasn't obvious in her expressive eyes.

"Oh Padme, I want you too, so much," he whispered, leaning down to brush his lips across hers.

She sighed and leaned into the kiss, knowing she had never felt more special in her entire life.

When they finally parted for breath, he snuggled her head against his chest, willing his body to relax, knowing they both needed sleep.

"What are we going to do?" she finally whispered, feeling his chest move under hers as he sighed.

"For the moment, we are going to sleep. Tomorrow, we will deal with things as they come. Tonight, I just want to hold you," he replied softly, feeling her lips curve into a smile against his chest.

"That sounds like a wonderful plan," she answered sleepily, drifting off into blackness, safe and secure in his arms.

Obi-Wan yawned as he too let sleep claim his tired body, his arms tightly wrapped around the woman lying next to him, a smile on his face.


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