Title: Stay with Me 'Till I Fall Asleep
Author: Alison
Author E-mail: Oz316@twcny.rr.com
Category: Rise of The Empire
Spoilers: None
Rating: G
Summary: Amidala's gets closer to Obi Wan when Anakin leaves.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Lucasfilm, Ltd. No money is being made and no infringement is intended.

'Why did this have to happen to Ani?' thought Amidala as she sat on her bed. Obi-Wan had just tolled her that Anakin was seen talking to Emperor Palpatine." Are you alright?'' asked Obi-Wan. Amidala just stared blankly at the ground with her hand on her stomach. Obi-Wan decided that he should leave Amidala alone to her thoughts. He got up and started to walk out of her quarters when he heard Amidala say. "Obi-Wan" he walked over and sat beside her. "Yes?" he asked softly. Amidala wiped the tears from her eyes. "Do you think...." Amidala closed her eyes then opened her them and looked at her stomach. "Do you think his children will be evil as well." It killed Amidala to call her husband, her one and only love evil. Obi-Wan looked into Amidala's eyes and saw her tears and wondered about all the pain she was going through. "I honestly don't know. Why do you ask?" Amidala rubbed her stomach,"Im pregnant." Obi-Wan nodded his head." I thought I sensed something. I'm sorry Amidala I don't know if they could be evil." He then got up and started to walk away.

Amidala then grabbed his hand and pulled him on the bed and put his hand on her stomach, "What do you feel?!?" asked Amidala. Obi-Wan closed his eyes and concentrated. He then had a flash. He saw Amidala holding twins in her arms. He saw her kiss one of them and hand it to him. Then he saw a man in a black helmet and outfit. He then saw Amidala holding a young girl who looked about two or three. Next he saw Amidala running with the child. Then he saw an old man that looked much like him fighting the man in the black outfit then he sensed it the man in the black outfit was Anakin. He then saw two young men and a young women. He knew the two were Amidala's children he could sense their power in the force. Then the flash ended and he opened his eyes. "What happened?" asked Amidala. Obi-Wan smiled, "Your children will be just the opposite of evil." Amidala smiled faintly. "And what about Ani?" Obi- Wan looked down and shook his head. Amidala nodded her head she then couldn't hold back her tears anymore. Obi-Wan pulled her into his arms and let her cry. "Shhhhh. Its alright. Its alright." He held her for an hour as she cried. She then pushed away from Obi-Wan and said, "He'll be here soon, he's supposed to arrive today." said Amidala. Obi-Wan nodded his head. "Yes, you must act as if you know nothing. And whatever you do don't say anything about his children. If The Emperor found out he could turn them to evil." Amidala nodded her head. "Your a strong woman Amidala. I will do all I can to keep you from being broken." He then gave her a kiss on the cheek and left the room.

Amidala wiped her tears and went to get dressed so she could greet Anakin. She put on her loose lavender dress so that, her stomach wouldn't show, the dress also had a long train in the back. She didn't wear her makeup anymore becasue Anakin said she didn't need makeup to look beautiful. After she was dressed she left her room and headed to where Anakin's ship was going to land. She met Obi-Wan along the way. "Remember you must act as if you know nothing, try and think that way too he can feel your thoughts." said Obi-Wan. Amidala nodded her head and smiled sadly. When they reach the landing dock Anakin's ship was just landing. When he walked out of the ship Amidala ran to him followed by Obi-Wan.

"Ani! How was your trip?" asked Amidala. Anakin smiled. Amidala thought to herself about how much she loved his smile. "It was wonderful." answered Anakin. "I hope everything went safely." said Obi- Wan. "Yes it did Obi....I mean Master." Obi Wan knew it was true now Anakin was going to the dark side he had never miscalled Obi-Wan before. And Obi-Wan knew Amidala could see it as well as she became overwhelmed by her feelings, 'Hold back your thoughts Amidala. He'll hear them.' Amidala nodded her head as Obi Wan felt her hide her feelings away. A tear then rolled down Amidala's face. "Whats wrong? Why are you crying?" asked Anakin. Amidala smiled at Anakin, "Im just so happy to see you." She then gave him a hug as she cried on his shoulder. "It's alright I'm not going anywhere I promise." Amidala pushed away from him, "You promise?" Anakin hesitated to answer, he didn't want to lie to her, but he had to the Emperor said it had to be done, "I promise." he answered. She gave him a long kiss and a hug.

Later that night there was a celebration for Anakin's return. Amidala then stood up, "I would like to make a toast. May Anakin and my future be a long and happy one now there we are going to have......" Obi-Wan then knocked over his glass on purpose."Oh sorry about that." he said. Amidala then remembered what Obi-Wan told her and sat down. "Going to have what?" asked Captain Panaka." Have.....have....." stuttered Amidala. "I think she's trying to say that......." Anakin gave Obi Wan a stern look. "I think she can finish her statement Master!" said Anakin. "Have a...have a ummmm wonderful life." Everyone clapped there hands except Anakin. He wasn't convinced.

After the celebration was over Anakin and Amidala went to there chamber, "What were you trying to say earlier?" asked Anakin. Amidala was shocked, "What?" she asked. Anakin was frustrated, "What were you trying to say earlier!" he said in a sterner voice. Obi-Wan heard Anakin yell so he listened from the other side of the door to make sure Anakin didn't hurt Amidala. "I wanted to say we'd have a happy life together." Anakin stood up, "Your lying! I can see it in your eyes. Obi-Wan knocking the glass over, you not knowing what to say! Your a liar!" He then smacked her across the face using his Jedi strength which knocked Amidala out of her chair and onto the floor.

Obi-Wan came running into the room. "Get out of here! Now!" demanded Anakin, "Padawan, look at what you've done to your wife. Stop this now!" answered Obi-Wan. Anakin waved his hand which threw Obi-Wan across the room. "I am not your Padawan! You are no longer my Master! I now have a power greater than you can give me! Only The Emperor could!" Amidala started to cry, "No Ani! Please no!" Anakin looked at his wife and saw the pain in her eyes. He started to walk over to help her, but then remembered what the Emperor taught him. "Im sorry Ami." He said then walked out of the room. "No!" cried Amidala. Obi-Wan ran over to Amidala. She collapsed into his arms in tears. "He promised! He promised me," cried Amidala. "This is all my fault I should have been a better wife! I failed him..." Obi-Wan rocked Amidala softly, "No its not your fault! Anakin chose his own path." said Obi-Wan.

'She didn't deserve this' thought Anakin to himself as he approached his ship, 'None of them did. But if I want power I must do this no matter the consequences.' Anakin turned around to take one last look at the palace before he left. He then saw Obi-Wan running towards his ship. "Anakin! Wait!" When Obi-Wan reached Anakin he said, "Anakin please come back. It's not to late. We can help you." Anakin shook his head. "No one can help me! This is your fault Obi-Wan!" Obi-Wan interrupted Anakin, "Don't say that! Your letting your anger take you over." Anakin took a step towards Obi-Wan, "No! If you had let me go to my mother when I asked instead of finshing my training then she would still be alive." Anakin then attacked his former master with his new red lightsaber.

Obi-Wan lit his lightsaber as he blocked Anakin's blows. Anakin knocked Obi-Wan's lightsaber out of his hand and ran over to where a lava pit was. Obi-Wan ran after him. "It is now your turn to die Master!" said Anakin as he kicked Obi-Wan down. Amidala then came running out of the palace. "Ani!" she yelled as she saw Anakin attacking Obi-Wan. Anakin was distracted by Amidala, Obi-Wan kicked Anakin down. Amidala came running over. Amidala ran to the fallen Anakin, "Ani," she said in tears, "Please, please stay here with me you promised me you would, you promised." Anakin pulled Amidala into a hug and held her tightly. "I'm sorry Ami, I never meant to hurt you I'm so sorry." Amidala was so happy now, Anakin was coming back to her. He then stood up and walked over to Obi-Wan, "Im sorry Master." Obi Wan reached his hand to Anakin. Anakin went to take his hand, but then pushed Obi-Wan down into the lave pit.

"Obi-Wan!" screamed Amidala as she ran to the edge. To Amidala's relief Obi-Wan had landed on a rock that was sticking out down in the pit. She then turned around to face Anakin, "Ani? What happened to you!? What happened to the man I fell in love with? What did I do wrong? How did I fail you?" demanded Amidala. Anakin looked into her eyes and saw the pain, the pain that he was causing. "My love, you have done nothing. You are the best thing that has happened to me. This is my fault. I'm sorry." said Anakin. He then gave her a kiss on the cheek and flipped over her down into the lava pit where Obi-Wan was.

Obi-Wan lit his lightsaber when Anakin landed. "Anakin you can stop this." Anakin ignored Obi-Wan and made strong blows at Obi-Wan which he blocked. Amidala stood looking over the edge watching the most important person in her life, Ani, try to kill one of her best friends. Then she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, "Obi-Wan!" she screamed. Obi-Wan felt her pain and knew the children were to be born soon. He had to finish this with Anakin. "Im sorry Padawan." said Obi Wan. He then kicked Anakin down into the lava. "Anakin!" screamed Amidala as she saw him fly into the lava. Obi-Wan climbed up to where Amidala was. "You killed him." cried Amidala. Obi-Wan closed his eyes. "He's not dead." Amidala then held her stomach, "The children are coming!" Obi-Wan picked up Amidala and ran into the palace. "Help! She's having her children!" yelled Obi-Wan as he entered the palace. Captain Panaka ran up to Obi-Wan, "Children?" asked Panaka. "We dont have time for this just get help!" demanded Obi-Wan.

Panaka motioned Obi-Wan to follow him, "The Medical droids are in there." said Panaka. Obi-Wan ran into the room and set Amidala on the bed. "She's having children." said Obi Wan to one of the medical droids. The droid got Amidala into postion to have her children. Obi-Wan walked over to Amidala and held her hand. "Are you alright?" asked Obi- Wan. Amidala nodded her head. "Okay, ready? Push!" said the medical droid. Amidala gave a strong push and after an hour, out came a baby boy. The medical droid picked the baby up and handed it to another droid. "One more push." said the droid. Amidala gave another push and out came a baby girl. Each child was wrapped up in a blanket. Obi-Wan went over and picked up the children and brought them over to their mother, "Here are your children Amidala." said Obi-Wan as he handed her the newborns. Amidala sat up as she held her children tightly. "Obi-Wan. Could you do me a favor?'' asked Amidala. "Anything." said without hesitating Obi-Wan. "I don't want Anakin to find his children. I can't take the risk for both of them to be found so I want them to be separated." said Amidala as she started to cry." Could you take my son," Amidala handed Obi-Wan the baby boy, "And hide him for me." Obi-Wan nodded his head. "I will." he said. "What's his name?" Amidala thought it over, "Luke, and his sister's name will be Leia." Obi-Wan nodded his head. Amidala gave her son one last kiss. "Thank you Obi-Wan." He nodded his head then left the room. Amidala held her daughter, Leia, close and started to cry.

Five days later Bail Organa came to visit Amidala, "It's wonderful to see you again your highness." said Bail Organa, "Obi-Wan Kenobi sent me here to ask if you would like to come live with me and my wife so you'll be safe from Anakin Skywalker." Amidala set Leia down in her cradle. "Anakin would never harm me!" protested Amidala. "Im sure he wouldn't, but for the safety of your daughter, please come live with us." said Bail. Amidala looked at her daughter the back to Bail, "Alright, just until things quiet down." agreed Amidala. Amidala packed her things and headed towards Bail's ship with Leia in her arms. "Bail?" asked Amidala. "Yes you highness?" he answered. "Where did Obi-Wan take Luke?" Bail turned and faced Amidala. He wasn't sure if he should tell her. "Well, he took your son to live with his brother Owen on Tatooine." 'It's so far away.' thought Amidala. She then boarded the ship and took off.
One year later......

"You must kill Queen Amidala," said Emperor Palpatine to his apprentice, Anakin, who was now wearing his black armor and mask because of what happened to his body when he was thrown into the lava pit. "But Master...." said Anakin. "But nothing! You will kill her to prove your loyalty to me! Now leave!" Anakin who was now called Darth Vader bowed to his new master and left off to kill is wife.

Obi-Wan who was on Tatooine sensed a disturbance in the force. "Amidala" he said to himself. She was in trouble, he could feel it. He immediatly left Tatooine to go to her. When he reached Bail Organa's house he ran inside. "Bail!" he yelled as soon as he saw him, "Where is Amidala?" demanded Obi-Wan. "She's in her room down the hall on the left. Whats wrong?" asked Bail in a concerned tone. "I fear she may be in danger." said Obi-Wan as he ran down the hall followed by Bail.

"Obi-Wan!" yelled an excited Amidala as she hugged him tightly, "It's so good to see you!" Obi Wan hugged her back. 'It was so nice to see her again.' he thought. "What's wrong?" asked Amidala as she pulled away from her friend. "Amidala I'm sorry to bring up the past, but it's about Anakin. "Amidala immediatly walked over to her daughter's cradle and picked her up. "I had a feeling that he was coming here...for you." Amidala didn't care about herself all she cared about was her daughter and then she thought of Luke and how she couldn't protect him when he was so far away. "What about Leia...and Luke." asked Amidala. "Luke is safe with my brother and I am here to protect you and your daughter." said Obi-Wan. Amidala tried to smile as she rocked her now one year old daughter Leia.

Obi-Wan and Bail started to leave the room when Amidala said, "Obi-Wan would you stay here for a moment." Obi-Wan nodded his head and Bail left the room. Obi-Wan came over and sat down next to Amidala on the bed. "Obi Wan..." Amidala looked up into his eyes, "How is Luke doing?" Obi-Wan smiled,"He's wonderful. He's a wonderful child. Very strong in the force, just as Leia." said Obi-Wan. Amidala smiled. "Leia, I would like you to meet a very important person your Uncle Obi-Wan." said Amidala as she handed Leia to Obi-Wan." She's beautiful Amidala, just like you." Amidala smiled at Obi Wan. 'He's been here with me all through this.' thought Amidala. Obi-Wan rocked Leia and then set her in her cradle when she fell asleep. "Obi-Wan. Stay with me till I fall asleep please?" asked Amidala in a small voice. Obi-Wan smiled and nodded his head. He sat on the bed and leaned against the pillows as Amidala laid her head on Obi-Wan's lap. He stroked her hair as she slept he then too fell alseep.

Amidala and Obi-Wan were awakened by a loud boom outside Bail's house. Bail Organa ran into the room followed by a few gaurds. "Your highness! The Imperial Forces are here with a man in a black outfit. He's looking for you we must get you out of here!" Obi Wan wasn't surprised, "Anakin." said Obi-Wan. Amidala wasn't scared, she was going to see Ani again, her husband, but then she remembered he wasn't the same he was a different person on the outside but she knew on the inside he was still her loving Ani. She walked over to Leia and picked her up in her arms and walked over to Bail. "Bail I want you to protect Leia. I'm going to try and talk to Ani, maybe he'll listen I know they haven't taken him entirely away and that he's still good inside." Bail shook his head in protest, "No I won't let you, that's crazy he'll kill you! Obi-Wan tell her!" demanded Bail. "She's right we can't give up on Anakin yet. I'll be there to protect her." said Obi-Wan. Amidala kissed Leia, "I'll never forget you Leia no matter what happens. I hope the force will guide you to your brother." And with that Amidala handed Leia to Bail with a tears in her eyes. She then left the room followed by Obi-Wan.

As they left the room the front doors of Bail's house flew open and in came ten storm troppers led by a man in a black outfit, Anakin. Obi-Wan pulled Amidala behind him as Bail's gaurds got into a position to fire at the Imperial Storm Team. "Put your weapons down!" demanded Obi-Wan. Bail's guards didn't set there guns down but lowered them instead. Anakin, now Darth Vader, motioned his guards to do the same. Obi-Wan walked towards Darth Vader followed by Amidala. Amidala steped out from behind Obi-Wan, "Ani?" cried Amidala. "Amidala?" asked Darth Vader shocked. "Oh Ani what have they done to you?" cried Amidala as she walked up to her husband. Anakin stepped away. "That is no longer my name. My name is Darth Vader." said Anakin. Then he saw it, the hope that Amidala had in her eyes when he first saw her had slipped away. "My Anakin has died and been replaced by you." sobbed Amidala. Anakin wanted to comfort her but he didn't know what to say. Anakin looked at Obi-Wan, he was looking at Amidala. Then Anakin saw it Obi-Wan's love for Amidala. He loved her. Obi-Wan loved his wife. Then Anakin's anger took over and he swung his lightsaber at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan lit his lightsaber and blocked Anakins blow. "No!!!!" screamed Amidala as she watched Anakin, her husband who changed into this monster, but strangly she still loved. And Obi-Wan, the man who was always there when Ani wasn't. Then she realized it she was starting to fall in love with, her best friend, Obi-Wan.

Anakin now called Darth Vader knocked Obi-Wan down to his knees and raised his lightsaber to finish him off. "No!" screamed Amidala as she ran over to help Obi-Wan. Then a stormtrooper shot at Amidala and hit her side. She then fell into Obi-Wan's arms. "No! Oh god no! Not again." cried Obi-Wan. Anakin dropped his lightsaber. 'Amidala' cried Anakin to himself. He then turned and walked out of Bail's as the stormtroopers fought Bail's gaurds. Obi-Wan picked up Amidala and brought her into her room. "Amidala. Oh god Amidala I'm so sorry I didn't protect you." Amidala used her strength and smiled up at Obi-Wan. "This isn't your fault Obi-Wan," said Amidala as she rubbed Obi-Wan's cheek. "I love you Obi-Wan." said Amidala. "I love you too Ami." sobbed Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan cradled Amidala in his arms and gave her a kiss. Amidala smiled at him as she held his hand. "Obi Wan, stay with me untill I fall asleep, please." choked Amidala. "Always." said Obi-Wan as he rocked Amidala in his arms. Then her body became lifeless. Obi-Wan pulled Amidala into is arms tightly and started to cry.

"Good work, my young apprentice." said the pleased Emperor. Darth Vader didn't say anything. Under his mask a tear fell as he realized his wife was gone.

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