Title: On the Side
Author: Candy
Summary: ok this is a short little peace on Obi-Wan's feelings of Anakin and Amidala's relationship
POV: Obi's
Disclaimer: if u don't know who owns them... u need to get ur head checked/

On The Side

They glance shyly at each other: Bright blue meeting chocolate brown. Constantly they flirt. Constantly they play theses games. She teases him, he'll play along, and they'll part. I can see the slightest thing sets him off: a brush of her hand, the scent of her hair, or just meeting her eyes. He goes insane. I can tell.

It's the same for her too, I believe. She feels silly... a 17-year-old queen in love with a 13-year-old Jedi Padawan. She won't let on. It's ridiculous. Everyone can see those two love each other... except those two themselves.

They come to me for advice constantly; Anakin on how to flirt with her, Amidala on how to deal with the flirting... it's like a vicious cycle. The one thing I can see in their eyes every time they speak with me... is fear. Fear that they are going to make idiots of themselves, fear on how to handle it all, fear on if the other feels the same... it's dumb.

I do sympathize for them though. I remember being in love for the first time. I was so unsure about her... so afraid... I suppose I should be more understanding of their feelings. But it disgusts me, really.

I may be a Jedi, but I am also human... and the saying: "Passion... a Jedi craves not these things," is utter bullsh*t.

You do not understand what I mean? I am referring to Ami. As sick and twisted as it may sound, I love her. I don't know how and I don't know why... but I do. It's not meant to be, of course, but my feelings for her will not allow themselves to be surpressed. It's horrible.

Don't get me wrong, I would never EVER betray Anakin like that. He loves Ami far too much... and it would kill him to loose her. It would kill me to loose him. So I shall keep my emotions out of their relationship and let it take its course. All I can do... is provide solace for them when they need it.

Well, young lovers, be content in your pursuit. Don't mind those around you. Don't mind me. I am just a figure in the shadows, waiting for his moment to shine. I will be here if you need me. You know this. Anakin, Amidala... I wish you much luck with your future, and know I will be there to guide you through it.

I will be waiting on the side.

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