Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story.
Notes: This is told in Padme’s POV and takes place during TPM (AU)

Secrets Well Kept II
by anime fan

I woke up from a sharp pain in my hand, not bothering to lift my head off the bed, I looked at the source of the pain to see that my bandage was soaked through with blood. I sat up to find a pair of blue-green eyes staring at me with curiosity mixed with concern in them, each emotion fighting for dominance. Concern must have won since he wordlessly moved to grab the bandages from the cart and started to unwrap the bloodied ones off.

After he was finished, I decided to return the favor and motioned for him to lie back. I sat back down on the chair, waiting for the questioning to begin. We both stared at each other for what seemed like ages until he broke the silence with a question that I had expected and was prepared to answer. “Why did you help me?”, “not that I’m not grateful” he quickly added. “Well, you needed help and I gave it.” I answered simply. I could see that my answer had only brought up more questions so I stated before he could ask again “Qui-Gon was already injured and I was the only one on this starship who could assist you in battle, so I reacted the only way I was trained to act--”, “Wait a minute, who were you trained by?” I then informed him of what I had told his master last night. Again, we slipped into silence.

When I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I moved to leave the room until he stopped me with a hand on my arm. “You shouldn’t be moving yet Obi-wan, the wound has not fully healed yet, I suggest you lie back down.” Despite what I had told him he walked out of the room towards where his master was staying. I followed him, in case he suddenly collapsed from his injury and stood by the door frame studying his every move for any signs of fatigue or weakness. Obi-wan then sat down in what I recognized from my training as a meditate-healing position. I sat down next to him in the exact same position, perfected over the years of training. After clearing my mind and focusing on the laceration I felt the flesh around it slowly knead together. When checking for infections and finding none, I opened my eyes and inspected the pink flesh that took place of the cut.

Since I was finished healing all the physical injuries I took the opportunity to study the Jedi next to me. The look on his face was of pure concentration and there were beads of sweat forming on his brow. Before I could observe the Jedi any further he opened his eyes that I found to have amusement dancing in them. ‘He knew I was studying him!’ I could feel the blush on my cheeks as I reached out and punched him on the shoulder, he just laughed and stood up. I looked around before standing up and saw some sparring weapons in the corner. I picked up two quarterstaffs and handed one to Obi-wan. I gripped the staff to get a feel for its weight as he stretched.

Since his wound was healed I knew he would be able to handle this sparring session. We both got into fighting stances and began our battle. Like our fight with the dark warrior, we had sensed each other’s moves before they were executed and quickly countered them. However, one had caught me by surprise and he pinned me on the floor. “Do you yield young handmaiden?” he asked with amusement in his voice. I replied by flipping us over so I was on top “I’m afraid I am not yet ready to yield Jedi Kenobi but you’re more than welcome to.” He was about to reply when a slight cough interrupted our playful banter. We both looked at the source of the cough to find Qui-Gon leaning on the door frame with amusement written all over his face, Obi-wan quickly moved us both up to a less embarrassing position and turned to bow towards me “It was a pleasure fighting with you Padme and I hope we can continue again soon.” The young Jedi walked towards his master and waited for him to say something. “Well,” Qui-Gon began, looking at his apprentice “I came to see if you were well this morning but seeing you training with Padme has already answered my questions.” The handmaiden Rabe` suddenly appeared at the door and informed everyone that the “Queen” wished to see me. Turning towards the two Jedi I smiled and left to talk to the Queen...

To be continued...