Title: Secrets Well Kept
Author: anime fan
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story...
Author’s Notes: This is totally AU. Padme is 18 and Obi-wan fought Darth Maul on Tatooine instead of Qui-Gon. Also, Qui-Gon was injured on Tatooine before the fight with Maul. This is told from Padme’s POV and this is not part of the Hope series!. REMEMBER THIS INFORMATION!

After returning to the ship with Anakin and Qui-Gon, I heard the distinct sounds of a fight below us. I looked out the window and saw young Jedi Kenobi fighting a man with red a black tattoos covering his face and small horns on top of his head. Seeing that the Jedi would need help immediately, I quickly moved to the opened door and grabbed my saber from my belt along the way. The injured Qui-Gon moved to help his padawan but I pushed him from the door and leaped from the hovering ship.

When my feet touched the sand and rocks I quickly ignited my saber and parried the tattooed man’s blows. Seeing that Obi-wan had gotten over the initial shock that I was fighting with him instead of hiding away in the ship, he quickly recovered and fought with more determination. The battle became somewhat of a dance, we both sensed every move before they came and quickly blocked them.

I then saw an opportunity to retreat to the ship and called to Obi-wan. I leaped onto the ship covered in sweat and kneeled down on the floor to catch my breath. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and hear the rapid thumping in my ears. Obi-wan came through the door after me and kneeled down beside me to also catch his breath. I noticed a patch of blood on his side as he collapsed on the floor.

Qui-Gon picked up his apprentice from the floor and carried him to sick-bay but not before giving me a stern but thankful look. I wiped the sweat off my face with the back of my hand and moved to follow the Master Jedi. My handmaidens quickly set to work to stop the bleeding and to prevent infection. After they were done I stepped inside the room and sat next to the sleeping Jedi.

I began to doubt my decision to help him. Did I put him in greater danger when I joined him in battle? I reached for Obi-wan’s hand and wiped the remaining sweat off his brow with a cloth. The adrenaline had worn off from the battle and my hand started to throb with a sharp pain and blood slowly made its way down my wrist. I suppose the tattooed warrior must have grazed my hand with his lightsaber without me noticing until now. I turned to the cart beside me and attempted, with some difficulty, to clean it and wrap it up. A larger hand gently grabbed the bandages and started to wrap my hand for me.

Qui-Gon looked down at me and opened his mouth to start what I thought would be a lecture about my stupidity but instead he asked who I received my training from. I hesitated to answer but finally told him “My father was friends once with a man who was trained, but not officially, as a Jedi” I started to tell him. “Father’s friend never told me his real name since I always refered to him as master” I paused to study the emotions in his eyes, finding nothing but fascination I continued. “ I started training around the age of seven or eight and built my lightsaber at age twelve.” “After that, he just disappeared...but I continued to train myself from the knowledge that I had and I have been training myself since then.” He was silent for a few moments “I want to thank you for helping my padawan when I was not in any condition to do so, although it was not a wise thing for you to do since you have not been properly trained for quite some time, I thank you.” he said while leaving the room.
I then turned back the unconscious Jedi and leaned over and rested my head on the bed and quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.

Notes: Hope you enjoyed it! ^_^ and I will start working on finishing the Hope series. Feedback is always appreciated.

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