Title: Padawan & the Prince (Part 7-8/8)
Author: obi’s girl

Mace Windu squinted as the sun set over Naboo and several Jedi Masters boarded a Republican cruiser bound towards Coruscant.  He watched as I knelt before Anakin and told him to obey the Jedi Masters on the ride home and that I would be there when I was ready to return. I smiled at him, kissing his cheek. “Hey, I won’t be long. I promise. I’m - I’m just not ready right now, but I promise, as soon as I am, I’ll be there but until then obey Master Windu and the Jedi Council.” Ani nodded all right then solemnly boarded the cruiser, R2 following behind him as Mace confronted me. The Jedi Master huffed, managing a smile, “You sure about this? Staying here?”

I nodded, glancing back at Obi-Wan, “I’m sure. I just need time and knowing you guys, you’d probably want me to begin his training the minute I dock my shuttle on Temple grounds.” I nodded to several of the Master as they passed us, “I’ll call as soon as I’m ready, Mace. May the Force be with you.” Mace smiled, walked closer and hugged me, “And you, Padme.” He bent his head and even kissed my forehead before boarding the shuttle himself. Obi-Wan stood beside me as the cruiser rose from the pad and disappeared into space. I turned to Obi-Wan and smiled wearily as he escorted me back to the Palace.


I followed his highness, as he led me towards my room in the Palace, not too far from his. I smirked but only briefly. I knew he meant well. He probably only wanted to keep an eye on me and have me close in case of an emergency. Sex wasn’t even in an issue. He stopped briefly, turning to me again. I glanced up at the large door to my quarters and hugged him again. “Thank you.” He nodded, blushing partly, “I have assigned three of my handmaidens to you to attend to your needs.” I nodded thanks again as he stepped closer, “I hope you will join me for dinner tonight.” Dinner? As in a Date? I hesitated a moment as he continued, “Only dinner. Nothing else, I swear Padme. It would be wrong of me to take advantage of me in your state.”

“Um, where will dinner be?” I mused, staring into his blue eyes. “The main room, my handmaidens know the way. They’ll show you.” He whispered, leaning in as if to kiss me but pulled back, breaking the mood. “I better let you settle in. Dinner this evening, then?” I smiled all right. As I pushed the door open, I turned to Obi-Wan again and kissed him passionately. I pulled back, blushing myself. “Sorry. I, uh, instinctive reaction.” And slipped into the room, huffing.


Mace nodded to himself as he sat meditating beside Master Yoda. Yoda grumbled, “Disapprove of Padme’s decision, do you?” The Jedi opened his eyes, looking at the small Master beside him. Yoda perked his ears up, facing Mace and nodded. “Her decision, it is to stay. Cannot make the choice for her, we cannot.” “I know, we can’t. But that’s not what’s bothering me, Master. She’s alone, sad, vulnerable and in close confines with the Prince of Naboo.” Yoda nodded, “Another choice, sex is. Old enough she is to choose for herself. Wise she is, smart.” Mace raised an eyebrow, “You believe she’ll make the correct decision?” “It is not for us to decide if her decision is wise, it is. Our task, teach young Anakin in the ways of the Force.”


I tried to keep myself from laughing as I walked down the large stairs to the dining room despite the fact I was dressed in the most elegant blue gown the handmaidens could find. Only a few minutes with them and already I felt like a Princess. They were talking non-stop, mostly about my relationship with their sovereign. It was unsettling at first but I got used to their actions. Sabe, the oldest, is the cool-headed one; she’s also head handmaiden. Eirtae was the flirt of the group, a new man every weekend or month, depending. She has a crush on Obi-Wan but because he’s royalty she hasn’t really hit on him.  Sache, the youngest, was the quiet one, always timid to voice her own opinion. Maybe it was because Sabe was older and wise and Eirtae was a big flirt, always raving about cute staff guards. But most of all, I felt connected to Sabe. At one point, it even seemed like if I had been Queen, we would have been best friends. I shrugged the feeling away, as I met Obi-Wan. He was lost in thought, sitting alone at the large table. I cleared my throat. Obi-Wan smiled, looking up at me. “By the Gods, you are beautiful.” He mused, staring at me from head to toe.

I blushed as he stood up and seated me. I glanced behind at Sabe. Though her hood was lowered, I knew she was smiling. Eirtae on the other hand was in the corner, flirting with one of the guards. Obi-Wan had to clear his throat to drag Eirtae out of her corner. He chuckled to himself as the two women stepped forward and curtsied slightly, saying in unison, “Yes, your highness?” Yes, your highness? He’s surrounded by beautiful women every hour, they say yes, your highness and they would do whatever he asked them but yet, he’s attracted to me. Something is wrong with this picture, or maybe not. “Your attendance isn’t needed, but on your way, tell the chefs we’re ready for dinner.” He paused briefly, nodding to Sabe, “Sabe, you better tell them. The minute Eirtae sees a man, she might flirt with him for Sith knows how many hours.”

Sabe laughed lightly shrugged at Eirtae and left towards the kitchen. Eirtae huffed, walking silently out of the dining room, but her thoughts spoke volumes.  “A private dinner, highness? This really is a date.” He raised an eyebrow, nibbling on some bread. “A date, Master Jedi? You think this is a date?” “What, it isn’t?” Obi-Wan was about to protest but thought better of it, as the two cooks entered with some dishes and wine. Definitely a date, but he’s trying too hard. A fancy dress, some nice wine and food is impressive but he doesn’t have to do this. “Your highness, what is it you’re doing?”

He frowned, “Sorry? I’m not sure I understand.” “I mean ‘this.’” And I gestured to my elegant dress and food. “There’s no need to impress me. The fact that you aren’t arrogant and stuck-up impresses me, not fancy attire and dinner.” Obi-Wan laughed, “You really haven’t been a date before, have you?” “I’ve been on dates before. All the time, while I was at the Temple. Guys asked me out so often I had to disconnect my HoloPhone. My Master, he knew it was a part of growing up, but I think at one point, it annoyed the Sith out of him.” I laughed, rolling my eyes as I stood up and walked over towards him. “I guess, what I’m trying to ask is why you’re doing this?” He huffed, lounging back, “I don’t know. Falling in love with a beautiful woman causes a man to do strange things.” I frowned, totally taken aback. Falling in love? I looked away briefly, biting my lip as he continued, “I know, it’s probably wrong of me to take advantage of your feelings but I can’t help how I feel about you, Padme. I love you.” Obi-Wan paused, “Would you like to dance?” Dance? I absent-mindedly nodded yes. He led me to the ballroom, nodding to the musicians on break as he took my small hands in his. Fallen’ in love, with me? I know we have feeling for each other, but love? Was I even ready for that? Obi-Wan saw my concern and stopped briefly as the orchestra continued playing. “Padme?”

I laughed to myself, “You just - I wasn’t expecting that. I wasn’t expecting that you had fallen in love with me.” “I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone like you.” I hesitated, looking into his eyes, “So, where do we go from here?” He nodded, “I don’t know, but I think we’ll figure it out.”

(CH8 - Conclusion)

I hungrily kissed Obi-Wan as we stumbled backwards into the room. Okay, so this wasn't exactly what I had planned for the evening but somehow, after a couple dances and talking, we ended up here. If my Master could see his little girl now... He would say I'm acting irrationally, (he would be right), and un-lady like (which I've never been), and, almost something he'd do if he was younger. Something he'd do? At that thought, I pushes away from Obi-Wan and sat on the bed, hiding my face. He frowned, gasping, "Something wrong?" I glanced up at him and smiled weakly, "It's not you, it's me. I love you so much, Obi-Wan, I do, but this isn't right. We shouldn't rush things. That and if we "did it", we'd both regret it later because I'm vulnerable and confused." He nodded, understanding my reasoning and sat down next to me, placing his hand on mine. Oooh boy! Damn hormones! I grabbed him and kissed him passionately as he tried to talk between kisses. "What about that talk about this not being right..and confused?" I shrugged, remembering my owns words and mentally scolded myself, letting go. "Right. You're absolutely right. I'm right. We shouldn't." I bit my lip and extended my hand to him; he looked incredulously at me and took it but then I leaned forward and kissed him again.

We kissed for several minutes before he backed off and sighed, biting his lower lip. "Maybe we shouldn't? I mean, we don't know each that well. We've only met..." I nodded okay, straightening my dress, mumbling, "Valid reasoning, except...." He turned to look at me, raising an eyebrow and I smiled, "Except, I still haven't figured out a way to repay you for your hospitality." Obi-Wan smiled slyly and kissed me again, lying me back on the bed but once again, there was that nagging feeling... Oh Sith!!! I cursed, grumbling as I sat up again. I looked up at the ceiling, glared and pointing my finger, "Qui-Gon, this really isn't fair! I really like him!" The Prince looked up at the ceiling and frowned, setting his chin on my shoulder then began to nibble at my flesh. I rolled my eyes, taking his face in mine and kissed him passionately, but Sith, there it was again! Sith of a conscience! Obi-Wan huffed, setting his chin once again on my shoulder, "What is it now?"

I shrugged, mumbling, "I have a conscience...which means I can't do anything without feeling guilty about it." Obi-Wan frowned, as I did, whining, "I know. I hate it too." Obi-Wan scratched his head, smiling at me. Damn, this really isn’t fair! I wanted him so badly and I know, he wanted me too but now wasn’t the time or proper place. Scratch that, we were alone, in his private bedchambers but now, really wasn’t the time. “Guess, maybe, I should leave then.” I mused, huffing.

“To your room?” I nodded no, grumbling, “To Coruscant, the Jedi Temple.  The Council, probably wants to brief me anyway before I begin training Ani.” He only nodded, looking into my eyes. Obi-Wan leaned over slightly, kissing me softly. It was the sweetest, most tender kiss I had ever felt. It kinda reminded me of the first time we kissed, except this time, I didn’t flip him over on the ground. I laughed, settling down in his arms and smiled, “Or we just stay like this...” We both looked at each other briefly and nodded, “Nah!”


The next morning, Obi-Wan escorted me once again, to the docking plate. I sighed, I really didn’t want to leave but for now, it was the right thing to do. And just so it’s clear, I did NOT have sex with Obi-Wan! I left shortly after we both decided it would be best to forego this one time. I turned back to Obi-Wan, I really didn’t want to leave but this was something we both knew was right. He nodded the republican cruiser assigned to me docked. I closed my eye, hugging him tight, hopeful he wouldn’t let me go but he did. He held my shoulders as he kissed my forehead and lips. I smiled, “I can probably still call off my arrival...” He raised an eyebrow at me and I laughed, “...Or maybe I shouldn’t. I called Mace late last night after I left your bedchambers. He promptly called Master Yoda and the two of them ordered a Republican cruiser to pick me up.” I scowled, realizing something else, “...And I think, I could be wrong about this, but I think they reserved a craft earlier one incase I changed my mind. I mean, how else would it get here so quickly?”

Obi-Wan laughed, kissing me again as he pulled out a ring from his pocket. I let go, eyeing the ring suspiciously. He nodded, “This isn’t an engagement ring...It’s just something for you to remember me.” He slipped the ring around a silver chain and placed it around my neck. I fingered the ring, looking at its markings, then back at him, “It’s beautiful. Thank you.” I turned, fingering the ring along the way as he called from behind, “May the Force be with you, Padme.”

I faced him again, smiled, “And you, your highness,” and boarded the cruiser.

The End

(Author’s Note: Now depending on the storyline of Ep. 2, I might format that as a sequel to Padawan & the Prince)

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