Title: Revelations
Author: Adelaide
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After about a month of endless wandering, the excitement Padme and Obi-
wan had first felt, had worn off. They had known it was going to take a
while to reach their
destination, since their current galaxy was huge already, but the
reality was only hitting them now.

However, a month isolated on a spaceship did have its advantages.

For instance, the padawans were able to get even closer in their
relationship, not to mention their mental bond. No more did they
constantly tease eachother, although it still
happened. Instead, they would sit down and talk for hours on end, have
sparing sessions, and sometimes Padme would even get Obi-wan to listen
to her while she taught him
to garden and dance. In return, though, she would have stay awake
through his attempts to teach her how to play some sort of running and
catching a ball while trying not to
be tackled thing. Padme never really understood what it was, or what
the point could possibly be.

Of course, this never took time away from their daily training and
lessons, or meditation and down time with their masters. In reality,
their schedules were very strict. They
only had a couple hours of free time to do anything they wanted. This
was mostly because they did have to help operate the ship and keep it
in prime condition.

The midday break was Padme's favorite time to spend with Obi-wan, since
it was so long.

She was, in fact, beginning it at the moment.

She wore her usual friendly smile, as she walked down and twisted
through the several corridors between her and her best friend. Her long
grey cloak billowed behind her.

~Padme?~ She heard Obi-wan through her mind.

~Sorry I'm late, but the ship logs caught a glitch and Qui-gon wouldn't
let me leave until it was fixed.~

She nodded her head to an officer as she passed him.

~I'll be there in only a moment. No need to call for a search party.~

Obi-wan smirked in the make-shift sitting area of his quarters. Good to
her word, Padme entered through the door seconds later.

He stood up to greet her.

They sat for a while just talking about this and that. When the
conversation turned to training, Padme stood up and started pushing the
furniture out of the center of the

"Um, Pad, what are you doing?"

"Well we were talking about training, and tonight Qui-gon is testing me
on levitation. I was thinking that we could do a little practice? I
could certainly use some good

"Oh, of course."

"Why don't we try some suspending jumps and then move to actual
levitation just to get your mindset right." Obi-wan moved to one side
of the room.

"Stand about ten paces away from me......good. Now, lunge at me and act
as if you're going to plant your feet straight down onto my chest."

It was quite a simple thing he was asking her really. Padme had done it
many many times before, but, she had never gotten it completely down.

Nevertheless, if she was going to pass her test, she needed to
practice. So, crouching down and closing her eyes, Padme jumped.

It worked, for the most part anyway. She got about halfway to him when
she fell.

Growling, she stood up and walked back to her starting position.

"It's okay, it was a good first try, but don't forget to keep in tune
with the Living Force."

She nodded her head slightly, and closed her eyes again. She could feel
the life giving energy all around and through her. With each pulsating
moment, a wave of warmth
racked her body. All she had to do, now, was tap into it.

She opened her eyes after a moment or two and jumped again.

This time, however, Padme had too much power. She jumped over him and
hit her head on the high ceiling. That in itself, caused her to lose
concentration and fall straight

Obi-wan quickly rushed under her and caught her falling body, but the
impact of the action caused them both to go tumbling to the floor.
Absent-mindedly, Obi-wan's form
pressed firmly on top of hers.

Padme burst out laughing. He was soon to follow.

"Some advice." She giggled and stared up at him.

"I didn't think you'd take it that much to heart."

They continued their giggle fest for a few more minutes, but their
laughing soon subsided as they finally realized how they were lying.

Her eyes instantly locked with his. The stare seemed to last for an
eternity to them. Both were shielding their thoughts from the other,
although the were thinking the exact
same thing.

As Obi-wan started to move his mouth down towards hers, Padme rolled
out from under him and stood up.

"I'd better go. Thanks for the advice." It all came out too quickly and
she knew he noticed it.

To avoid further embarrassment, she about faced and made a hasty exit,
leaving Obi-wan lying on the floor with a bewildered stare.


The two padawans religiously avoided each other for the rest of the
day, each desperately not wanting to look the other in the face.

Not only that, though, the confusing thing for both, was that they
enjoyed the closeness and the attraction that passed between them.

It was a strange feeling to all of a sudden have unclean thoughts about
your best friend, Padme thought. Not a bad feeling, just a strange one.

She needed time to think.

The Force wouldn't allow that though, for when she entered her quarters
that evening to sleep, a message went through the whole ship.

"This is your captain speaking. All aboard, we've made it. Iagone is in

~Just my luck.~

Sitting back up from her bed, Padme huffed and headed to the cockpit.

She was breathtaken when she entered.

Through the glass she saw the most beautiful planet she had ever seen.

Brilliant white clouds moved swiftly across the sky, while the interior
consisted of every color green imaginable. She could've sworn she saw
the the color pulsating.

Obi-wan entered a moment later.

Padme glimpsed at him sheepishly but looked away quickly before he
could notice.

Qui-gon and Rohhe exchanged inquiring glances but went back to viewing

"Wow, it really is something." Captain Penkin breathed.

"It looks so peaceful." Padme commented staring intently so she
wouldn't have to look at anybody else, namely Obi-wan.

"I'm sure the people and the planet are..."

Before the captain could finish a huge explosion jolted the entire



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