Title: Remember to Smile
Author: P-Chan the Magnificent
Summary ("Hey, what is this about?!?!"): It's a letter Amidala writes the night before her wedding to Obi-Wan. Does she send it? I donno tell me what you think! ^-^
Author's Note:I kinda just wrote this in about ten minutes......but that's okay. By the way..........does anyone know of some Ami/Obi fics? I live for that stuff!!! *^-^*
Disclaimer: "Oh, I wish I wish I hadn't killed that fish." D'oh! What I meant to say is I wish I owned all these marvelous characters I write about! BWAHAHAHA!! They would do the movies how I saw fit! BWAHAHAHA!! ::clears throat:: Anywho, I can't do that. They don't belong to me. ::suprised gasps:: I know, it's shocking to me too but, sadly I don't. All-powerful George Lucas does. ::applause and whistles:: I'm just having a bit o' fun. ^-^

Remember To Smile

Dearest Obi-Wan,

That was it. The last time I would see you as an unmarried woman. You smiled brightly, and your eyes sparkled, but I could see the overwhelming pain behind them. You held me tightly before leaving, congatulating me and wishing me the best. It's like I'm moving a billion miles away.......only I'm getting married.

I know your pain Obi-Wan....I feel it myself. Never knowing how much we meant to each other until it's too late. I'll be married tomorrow, I'll leave all the happiness we shared behind. Even if your rushed into my room in the morning, begging and pleading with me, I couldn't call off the wedding. It's too late.

Why did I say yes to Anakin? Why? What do I really feel? I don't think I'll ever know. I know I feel something for him......but it can't be like this. It can't be like this ache, this longing I have for you.

Tomorrow I will walk down the aisle, in a flowing white gown, bathed in bright light. I will smile, a beautiful fake smile for the world to see. However, when our eyes meet, I will smile brightly, truthfully. Maybe you'll take a mental picture, I know I will.

I have but one request my love. Everytime you see me, please remember to smile. Your sparkling eyes and lop-sided grin will get me through the day. I thrive on those smiles now, how could I live without them for the rest of my life?

Please know that even though I will marry another, my heart will always be with you. Our bond will never be broken..........

Forever yours,


And that is that! So.......what do ya think? Will she give it to him? ^-^

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