Title: Hope (Chapter 3/??)
Author: anime fan
Author’s Notes: I can’t figure out what color Obi-wan’s eyes are so I am just gonna stick with blue.
Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to George Lucas

Obi-wan woke up that night from a horrible nightmare. It was of Anakin and Padme fighting again...but this fight was different. It was more fierce and Anakin started to push Padme around and beat her. She stopped yelling and passed out from the horrible pain. When Anakin noticed that she passed out he ignited his lightsaber to finish her off but suddenly his fit of rage passed and his whole expression changed...he was the old Anakin again. When seeing her bruised and battered face he realized what he had done. He dropped his lightsaber and picked up Padme’s inert form from the floor and placed her on the bed. Anakin started to stroke her hair in a gentle manner and uttered an apology in a broken voice. He said that he didn’t want this to happen again so he kissed her one last time on her bleeding lips. He then went over to pick up his lightsaber and left to never come back again.

After going over his dream once again, and not being able to suppress his fear, he decided to go check up on the Queen. When he arrived, he saw that his dream was not just a dream...it was true! She was covered in bruises, tears streaming down her face and sweat on her brow. The injured Queen started to talk in her sleep crying out “Don’t leave me Anakin...not again”. This brought tears to Obi-wan’s eyes as he saw what Anakin had done to his sweet, beautiful wife. Obi-wan got a cloth and a bowl of water and started to clean her wounds. This went on for what seemed like hours. He would hold her hand and whisper reassuring words into her ear hoping that she would hear them.

A few hours before dawn Padme woke up. At first she thought that her fight with Anakin was just a horrible dream but her body protested as she tried to move off the bed. She started crying softly and then turned to her left to see Obi-wan asleep in a chair, beside her bed, holding her hand. She graced him with a small smile and used all her strength to move her other hand on top of her’s and Obi-wan’s to move them near her heart. As she lay there Padme began to see how much Obi-wan meant to her. She always loved the Jedi ever since he and his former master had helped her through the Trade Federation situation. But Anakin’s charm won her over. A tear flowed down her face at the thought of her husband and her failed marriage. She then felt a small tug on her hands and looked up to see concerned crystal-blue eyes staring down at her. Obi-wan walked over to the bed and gathered Padme into his arms as if to protect her from all the wrongs in the world. she wrapper her arms around his neck and cried on his shoulder until she felt no tears come to her eyes. Obi-wan just whispered more reassuring words into her ear and stopped when she lifted her head and formed the words “thank you”. He nodded and hesitantly asked “will you be alright?” and started to move as if to leave. Padme then whispered in a small, hoarse voice “...please stay with me?”. Obi-wan nodded again and crawled next to her and gathered her into a warm embrace.

Padme immediately fell asleep against his chest, listening to the beating of his heart, with a look of relief on her face. She then patted her stomach and thought that perhaps she and her unborn children would survive this ordeal...

To be continued...
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