Title: Hope (Chapter 2/??)
Author: anime fan

While heading towards the Palace Gardens Padme was thinking of her relationship with Anakin. "Maybe things will return to normal after a few weeks" thought Padme with much desperation in her voice. She was so deep in thought that she bumped into Obi-wan by accident. After a quick apology Padme continued walking towards the Palace Gardens, not even realizing who she bumped into. Obi-wan never saw the Queen this distracted before.

"She probably needs someone to talk to" thought Obi-wan. He then started to follow her down the hall and just as he was going to greet the Queen, Anakin walks into her line of sight and Obi-wan quickly moved behind a large pillar to hide from the once furious husband who had accused him of having an affair with the Queen, his wife.

When Padme saw Anakin he had tears streaming down his face and Padme immediately ran to him and started to wipe his tears away with her thumb and asked in a nervous voice what was wrong. Anakin's eyes met her's and he grabbed Padme into a fierce hug and started saying many apologies at once. "I'm so sorry Padme" he started "Over the past few weeks it was like anger was the only emotion I was allowed to feel." Padme saw the regret in his clear blue eyes and saw that he was telling the truth. She hugged him back and accepted the apology with little hesitation and asked if he would spend the day with her in the Palace Gardens.

He quickly accepted the offer, took her hand and lead her down to the gardens. Both had joyful smiles on their faces just like old times and they held each other's hands throughout the whole short trip. Obi-wan stepped out from his hiding place and decided to keep an eye on Anakin to see if he was telling the truth. It was easy for Obi-wan to hide because Anakin's emotions take over him easily and he doesn't think clearly. "If he hurts her again...he will never see the light of day again" Obi-wan said while glaring in Anakin's direction.

Padme saw the old Anakin, fun loving and caring, that everybody was used to. He was showing her some Jedi tricks that he learned over the years. First he "picked" a flower using the force and made it float over to his wife. She smiled at the kind gesture and put the flower in her hair. Anakin faced his wife and saw the bruises through the make-up that he caused. He then apologized again about his behavior and she accepted it. "Padme" Anakin started "I was assigned a new mission today". Padme's smile quickly turned into a frown as he said that. "I might not see you again for a month or two" Anakin finished. Padme knew this was going to happen sooner or later. "When do you leave?" she asked in a quiet voice. Anakin saw the pain in her eyes and decided to just give her the news now. "Tomorrow morning" he responded. Padme then took the flower out of her hair and gave it to Anakin. She headed towards her bedroom chambers while Anakin just stood in the garden, staring at the flower. He then noticed that a few petals were missing "imperfect......just like my marriage". Anakin sadly let go of the flower letting it dance in the harsh wind.

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