Title: Burning for You: A Queen Amidala/Obi-Wan Romance (CHAPTER 4/4)
Author: obi's girl
E-mail: aidensule17@yahoo.com
Summary: While waiting for Obi-Wan, Amidala remembers her time with Obi-Wan, what he means to her and the consequences of loving a man she can't.
Spoiler: Oh Yes. Episode 2 or 3, depending on what you think!
Rating: PG-13 Romance
Disclaimer: The characters of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Queen Amidala, Anakin Skywalker & Palpitine (the s.o.b) don't belong to me but the almighty - George Lucas. This was just an idea, inspired by one of my fanfiction authors, Theed. The poem ~ Anakin ~ is mine. It is original. Enjoy:)

(Chapter 4)

I had to leave.

You were my light
I cannot be yours anymore
For your heart belongs to another

Anakin pounded furiously on Palpitine's door. Tears were already rushing down his cheeks before the Senator even answered. <This had to be my punishment of training late. > he cried. The boy clenched his fists again as Palpitine answered. He looked bewildered. Palpitine offered his hand on his shoulder, chauffeuring him. Anakin sat down on his couch, still in shock over what he saw. He nodded his head in disbelief.

"Anakin, what is it?" the man asked.

He looked up at him. The tears from his eyes strung but he didn't care. Nothing else could sting more than what he felt inside. Droplet rolled down his face and past his chin. "I've lost her." Was all he could say. The Senator nodded unsure what the boy was talking about.

"Anakin..." he began before realizing what he meant. Amidala. The Queen had betrayed him - why or how, he didn't care. Anakin was in his grasp. Still, his face looked soured to the boy though inside he was rejoicing. "I know you loved Amidala...but you have to think about this. She is much older than you are and she has responsibilities. She is after all, the former Queen of Naboo and a Senator of the Republic. She cannot risk her reputation for a Jedi Padawan. Being a Senator means so much to her. It means she can make a difference but in her own way,"

"Responsibilities to what?" he fumed, standing up. He raked his hands through his hair. Palpitine eyed him carefully. He was in great distress, spilling out before he even said anything that what Amidala did to him was more than just a fight or argument. It was something she did. Anakin continued, "How could she; how could Obi-Wan? I trusted them both and they betrayed me!"

Obi-Wan? The Jedi had something do with Anakin's distress. The Senator smiled a bit. <This is working out better than I planned, > he thought, standing up and taking Anakin by the shoulders, "Anakin, you must listen to me. The Queen has betrayed you; your Master has betrayed you..."

He nodded, "I felt more love and emotion coming form her than she ever felt for me. The hold he was on her - it isn't a Mind Trick. He loves her - they love each other."

"And that is why you must tell the Council about their affair. They will deal with Obi-Wan. He has acted irrationally and must face the consequences. Anakin?"

The boy faced him, "What about her? I don't want her to suffer for this. She doesn't deserve to,"

"But she must. She broke your heart, a heart than can never again be mended. Amidala toyed with your emotions and tossed them aside as if they were invisible. She MUST suffer for that."

Anakin nodded. He was still in denial. His love for Amidala was strong, stronger than Palpitine imagined. "Anakin! She MUST suffer for what she has done to you."

He glared at him. Rage filled his blue eyes. <Yes. I can feel his Anger and Hatred coursing through his veins. > Palpitine spoke again, "Do you know what you must do?"

The boy nodded, "I won't go to the Council." He paused, clenching his hand eve harder, "I'll confront Obi-Wan himself,"

I can't be with you
No matter how hard
I want to be

Amidala kissed Obi-Wan one last time before she disappeared from his arms. She had been gone from her office at least a good 2-7 hours and the Captain was no doubt looking for her. He smiled at her, "Can you meet me in the Gardens tomorrow?"

She smiled back, "I don't know. I'll have to check my schedule but I'm sure I can fit you in, my love," and left.

Obi-Wan watched her leave. She was livelier than he had ever seen her before and it made him happy. He looked down, shutting the door. The Jedi turned but started sudennly as he noticed Anakin sitting on the couch. "Anakin, you nearly gave me a heart attack." He cried.

The boy smiled, "Who needs that?" standing up. He looked him straight in the eye, "So, how was your afternoon, Master? Sleep well?"

Kenobi frowned. He knew exactly what the boy was implying, "Anakin. You have to understand - we both care about you very much...."

"Spare me, Obi-Wan!" he retorted, "I was suspicious when Amidala asked you and only for you to assist her in the Senate. But let it go because I knew she loved me. However, since you two have become 'chummy' with each other - the Senate ordeal was probably a lie to be with each other night after night - in each others' arms."

"Anakin. I didn't plan on this. Amidala asked me for assistance and I complied. Jedi do not shun away help when it is needed. You know that,"

He growled, "But Masters' don't stab their Padawan's backs' either,"
Obi-Wan looked down, feeling ashamed for even trying to love Amidala. "You have every right to be mad with me, Anakin. But remember, before she even thought of you as a lover - she had a crush on me - a crush that turned into love over time,"

"And you think that justifies for what you did?" he asked, standing up to him. "No Obi-Wan. You were my friend and you betrayed me. I trusted you and you stole the one thing from me that gave me light. She was my Angel and you played on her emotions,"

"I did not!"

You don't belong to me
Perhaps you never did

I burn for you
But how can you
know that?

Anakin nodded, "You did. And because of that, I'm not longer your Padawan. You lost me Obi-Wan. You played with both our hearts and you lost me," storming out.

My Angel, my flame
I love you
But I can't stay anymore

So I say goodbye
Our paths are not one
Goodbye my Angel
I will miss you

~ Anakin ~

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